It could be said that as children we were stumbled upon amongst the cabbage patch. We were involved in the fruit industry from a very young age helping dad out. Starting at his very first store in St Kilda, his second in Malvern and eventually at his current store the renowned La Manna Fresh in Brunswick (just two doors down). It was always fun waking up in the wee hours of the morning, jumping in his truck, heading out to the Melbourne Market in Footscray (now Epping) and being amongst the craziness that is the fruit industry whilst the rest of Melbourne was fast asleep. We would jump on a motorised scooter with Dad and go to the market meeting the agents, growers and occasionally the cafe owners for some early morning munchies. When we would return to the shop dad would help set up our own little shop at the back of the store with berries, melons and other fresh produce. As the customers would exit the store they would rarely pass without making one last purchase testing our math skills from a very young age. It was always a long day but so much fun dealing with customers at our own little stand, all this way before the legal working age!


As the years went by we all continued to help dad out and more so when he moved to Brunswick in 1993 taking over La Manna Fresh. He has been there ever since and in November 2008 after a discussion at the dinner table I (Natalie), the greenie of the family, decided to open an organic store just 2 doors down from Dad’s shop. It was a big gamble at first, but the opportunity was too good to pass up. After much hard work and very long hours we have built a great customer base and so far it has proven to be a great decision. It wasn’t long after that I managed to poach Karen from her job in the Legal industry. Since then it’s been lots of fun and games. There have been some tears along the way but nothing that a bit of Organic Ice Cream or Chocolate can’t fix!


Our store is certified by NASAA as an organic retailer (#3778R) and it is our policy to only stock certified organic or biodynamic fruit and veg- and occasionally home grown when our customers bring in some of their pride and joy. We aim to provide you with the freshest, best priced and greatest quality organic fruit and veg. We take pride in the quality of the fresh produce we stock and our customers often commend us for the freshness of our fruit and veg. We have an extensive range of organic groceries, dairy, bread, vegan, beauty/body & frozen products in our store that is forever growing.


Shop with us knowing that you are supporting Aussie organic farmers (the only fresh produce we get from overseas is Kiwi fruit, and that is only when Victorian Kiwi are unavailable). We will source Victorian produce if it is available and when it’s not we will source it from the nearest farm to minimise food miles.


Organic farming and organic processes are about working with natural inputs and minimising the use of products that may have a negative impact on our environment or our health. A key principle in organic production systems is to direct farming activity at improving the soil humus content so that plants and animals are being provided with an abundance of naturally occurring nutrients, unlike conventional farming methods. Every year organic farmers pay a fee to a certifying body in order to have their products certified. The most common certifying bodies in Australia are ACO (Australian Certified Organic endorsed by the Biological Farmers Association), NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia) and DEMETER (Certified Organic or Biodynamic). The farmers must follow stringent guidelines when growing their produce and are audited throughout the year to ensure they are complying with the organic standards. All the produce we have in store is certified either organic or biodynamic.


When buying organic not only are you making a wise food choice in terms of what you are putting into your body but you are also supporting sustainable farming whilst giving the Aussie farmer a fair go. It is an ethical industry whereas a retailer we are not only concerned about getting the best-priced produce for our customers but at the same time ensuring the farmer is getting a good price and is able to earn a fair living for their hard work.